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Crocodile Toys

  1. Oscar - Crocodile Soft Toy

    Hey I’m Oscar, the friendliest and most gentle toy crocodile you’ll ever meet. Most folks think just because I’m a crocodile I’m going to bite and eat them, but I’m actually a vegetarian you know :) In fact my favourite food is pistachio flavoured gelato. I think that’s why I’ve become so green, soft and fluffy, much more than any other alligator toys I know. I want to be a comedian when I’m bigger. I don’t think there are too many funny crocodile toys so I’ll be the original. My favourite joke is: Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An investigator! If you pick me I have lots more funny jokes and also can be your crocodile cushion or crocodile gift. Well seeya later alligator! ;) Learn More