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  1. Snowy - Big Teddy Bear

    Hey there, thanks for visiting my profile ... actually I call this my snow-file ;) I am one of the most huggable and squashable soft teddy bears you’ll ever meet. I have super-duper soft white fur, perfect for hugging and wrapping your arms around in those long cold winter nights and promise I’ll always be there by your side in the morning. I also have other tricks as I’m practicing to become a magician. One time I even made myself disappear for a bit but luckily someone found me and put me back in bed again. My other favourite trick is making people fall asleep super quickly, usually I’ll just hug someone and after a few seconds they’re sleeping like a big teddy bear … I still don’t know how it works, so I guess it must be magic! Learn More
  2. Snoozy - White Plush Dog

    zzz ZZZ ... Ok no prizes for guessing why I’m called Snoozy … I can always sleep forever, even through an earthquake probably :) I’m a supersoft, fluffy and floppy puppy and really love eating cookies. My favourite is chocolate-chip but really, I can eat all the cookies in the world. I’m perfect for a cuddly and squashable gift and completely baby safe. If you choose me I promise to keep you warm and cozy when we watch a movie on the couch, especially during the freezing cold nights … then guess what’s for breakfast … yeahhh, cookies cookies cookies! Learn More
  3. Oscar - Crocodile Soft Toy

    Hey I’m Oscar, the friendliest and most gentle toy crocodile you’ll ever meet. Most folks think just because I’m a crocodile I’m going to bite and eat them, but I’m actually a vegetarian you know :) In fact my favourite food is pistachio flavoured gelato. I think that’s why I’ve become so green, soft and fluffy, much more than any other alligator toys I know. I want to be a comedian when I’m bigger. I don’t think there are too many funny crocodile toys so I’ll be the original. My favourite joke is: Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An investigator! If you pick me I have lots more funny jokes and also can be your crocodile cushion or crocodile gift. Well seeya later alligator! ;) Learn More