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  1. Waffle - Cute Teddy Bear

    Hi there, that’s me! Everyone calls me Waffle because I love eating waffles, some people say I even look like a waffle. My favourite is the Belgian style with tonnes of maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream. I’m a big, soft and super squashable beige teddy bear and can give you the best hugs in the world. My twin brother is a grey teddy bear and we are each a perfect baby gift teddy bear, ideal for a newborn gift. Well I have to go shopping now for my waffles so if you choose me I can make you the best waffles in no time! Learn More
  2. Churro - Cute Puppy Soft Toy

    When I was little I had a big accident and fell into some churros chocolate sauce. It wasn’t such a big deal because I just ate all the chocolate so I can get out. That’s why they call me Churro … not because I look like a Spanish donut silly! Problem is though, ever since then the only thing I can ever eat is churros and, of course, lots and lots of chocolate sauce .. no boring doggy biscuits here buddy! Anyway, I’m a very playful and cute puppy and sometimes people say I’m a bit of a cheeky monkey even though I’m a puppy, not a monkey. I’m a beige puppy soft toy but also have a twin brother who is a grey puppy and we both come with a knitted scarf. Well thanks for visiting me and if you pick me we’ll have lots of fun and I can make lots of churros for us, well mainly for me, but maybe you can have one! Learn More
  3. Louey - Dog Plush Toy

    Ciao, Yiasou & Ni Hao Ok I don’t really speak Italian, Greek or Chinese, but my name is Louey and I really love travelling and exploring new places around the world. I’m a funny, cute and fluffy, big nose puppy and really good at learning the new lingo in each country. It’s pretty funny because everyone thinks I’m just a cheeky puppy who can’t speak their language, so when I say “Ciao, mi chiamo Louey”, everyone is shocked! Well I better go and start googling my next holiday but If you choose me, I’m the best travel puppy in the world and can join you everywhere. I’m also pretty light so don’t add much luggage space and also great as a travel pillow for the plane. Well Au Revoir for now … that means farewell in French you know … well I think anyway! Learn More
  4. Snowy - Big Teddy Bear

    Hey there, thanks for visiting my profile ... actually I call this my snow-file ;) I am one of the most huggable and squashable soft teddy bears you’ll ever meet. I have super-duper soft white fur, perfect for hugging and wrapping your arms around in those long cold winter nights and promise I’ll always be there by your side in the morning. I also have other tricks as I’m practicing to become a magician. One time I even made myself disappear for a bit but luckily someone found me and put me back in bed again. My other favourite trick is making people fall asleep super quickly, usually I’ll just hug someone and after a few seconds they’re sleeping like a big teddy bear … I still don’t know how it works, so I guess it must be magic! Learn More
  5. Snoozy - White Plush Dog

    zzz ZZZ ... Ok no prizes for guessing why I’m called Snoozy … I can always sleep forever, even through an earthquake probably :) I’m a supersoft, fluffy and floppy puppy and really love eating cookies. My favourite is chocolate-chip but really, I can eat all the cookies in the world. I’m perfect for a cuddly and squashable gift and completely baby safe. If you choose me I promise to keep you warm and cozy when we watch a movie on the couch, especially during the freezing cold nights … then guess what’s for breakfast … yeahhh, cookies cookies cookies! Learn More
  6. Fuzzy - Classic Teddy Bear

    Sometimes you just need a classic teddy bear, nothing fancy or quirky, just simple and traditional that everyone knows and loves … that’s me! The name is Fuzzy and if you choose me, I can be your best friend, best buddy and numero uno confidant in the entire world. In fact, you can empty your heart and soul to this brown teddy bear any time, my job is just to listen and be a good soft teddy! I should also confess that I have a little secret addiction – I eat lots and lots and lots of Tim Tams! It’s my favourite food ever but don’t worry, I won’t pinch all of them, if you pick me I’ll share my Tim Tams and can even show you how to do my world-famous Fuzzy Tim Tam slam! Learn More
  7. Oscar - Crocodile Soft Toy

    Hey I’m Oscar, the friendliest and most gentle toy crocodile you’ll ever meet. Most folks think just because I’m a crocodile I’m going to bite and eat them, but I’m actually a vegetarian you know :) In fact my favourite food is pistachio flavoured gelato. I think that’s why I’ve become so green, soft and fluffy, much more than any other alligator toys I know. I want to be a comedian when I’m bigger. I don’t think there are too many funny crocodile toys so I’ll be the original. My favourite joke is: Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An investigator! If you pick me I have lots more funny jokes and also can be your crocodile cushion or crocodile gift. Well seeya later alligator! ;) Learn More